Tim Ho Wan @ Bedok Mall

Finally managed to try this time around after a few different times of walking pass the different outlets & put off by the ‘snaking’ queues.

Joined the short queue at 10.30am (they open at 11am) at the Bedok Mall Branch. Minimum waiting time once seated for the food to arrive.

Must say It Was Good!

St. Marc Cafe!

Finally had a chance to try this cafe out!

Really loved the Ice Royal Milk Tea & Chocoro!

Click Here for More Information On St. Marc Cafe! 

Went back for more chocoros a few days later!

one is not enough!

Hongkong Trip!

Short trip of 4 days to recharge, do shopping and Disneyland.
Unfortunately R fell sick & that had limited the time & places we went.

A quiet mind cureth all. – Robert Burton